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Curious About Goos

Goos did an Instagram Takeover with The Bear House on World #DJ Day and got in conversation with our audience. Curious to know more about his take on music? Read on!

Q1. How’s Deep House different than House music?

It used to be a sub genre earlier that was a lot mellower than house music therefore the ‘deep’ tag. It’s now popular enough to be a genre in itself minus the associations with house.

At the end of it, don’t look at the genre to identify the music that catches your attention. Use your ears for that and if you like what you hear, it shouldn’t matter what genre it’s called.


Q2. What’s your daily routine like?

I have a day job as well so that takes most of my time. I ALWAYS have music running though. I’m listening to podcasts, live sets as I work and it’s hard to function without it. I spend some time digging for new tunes, cataloging library and sorting out my playlists so I don’t have much to do before gigs. I try and squeeze in some exercise and definitely spend some time with all the animals at home.


Q3. Do podcasts really help you reach a greater audience? Journey seems to have reached places.

Without a doubt. I’ve seen support for Journey come in from places I’d never imagine or even had in consideration when I began. I’ve been lucky enough to have so many great artists agree to feature as guests of the show. That introduces me to their fans and their audience and followers of Journey are introduced to the guests. So, yes, it definitely does help.


Q4. How do you balance your artistic and personal life? How did DJ’ing come in to your life?

It used to be pretty taxing in the early days because I was still trying to learn the ropes while doing everything else. It is a lot easier now and is almost second nature. I’ve always wanted to give DJ’ing a shot but it took a long time for me to get over the fact that I’d be up on a stage and performing. Once I got past that, it was just a matter of acquiring the skills and doing it. This was one of the things on my bucket list and I’m glad I bit the bullet on it.


Q5. Hey Goos, happy world DJ day. How did you get in to DJ’ing? And how do you get so many venues to play?

Thank you! Had to an itch to try my hands at DJ’ing so I went ahead and did. Seems to be working ok so far. I was pretty clear from the beginning that I wanted to present the music that I like. I was pretty certain there were many more who’d resonate with it too. Fast forward to now and I feel lucky to have the promoters and venues book me for the sound that I play. At the end of the day, versatility is important to you being able to get booked while trying to build and maintain a sound that becomes your identity as an artist. Its a fine balancing act. :)


Q6. Will Solomun come to India in 2020?

He will when he finishes the after party he’s currently playing 😛. Jokes aside, a lot of people have been trying to bring him down over the years. Hopefully it happens in 2020. We’ve had some big names in India over the last few months and even more in the next few so I won’t be surprised if a Solomun tour is announced soon.


Q7. What are some labels and podcasts you follow?

Far too many to name but here’s a few – Anjunadeep, All Day I Dream, TrybesOf, Magician on Duty, Disco Halal, Seven Villas, When We Dip, Days Like Nights, Odd One Out, Green, Lost Miracle, Sudbeat, Juicebox. Most of these labels have their own podcasts too but I also tune into Everything Will Be Ok, Spectrum Radio, Stereo Productions and a lot more.


Q8. What’s your process when it comes to finding new tunes to play?

No process as such but I follow artists, labels and releases that catch my ear. I do not go by charts. Most importantly, I always look for tunes that I would dance to or enjoy if someone else were to play it. I never play a tune I don’t personally like. You may think that is a given but you’d be surprised if you found out the truth :)


Q9. Do you always mix in key?

Nice question and its one thats discussed a lot and has no right answer. I use the keys as a guide not as a rule. As much as I can, I try to mix by key but I don’t limit myself because of it. For me, setting the vibe and picking the next tune to build that vibe is more important than playing in key. If you’re a musician or your ears are tuned to pick it up, you will be able to spot when I play and I don’t mix in key. At the end of it, I prefer to trust my ears over the technology which is an aid.


Q10. What are you curious about this year?

Curious to see the direction that music tastes evolve in. Curious to see artists evolve and what new sounds emerge!


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