The Bear House X Fresh Filter Outdoor Masks with Respirator – Pack of 2

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Fresh filter masks are made from superior comfort and protection at all times. Featuring a unique six-layered filter system, the masks protect from everything harmful without affecting the ability to breathe. It offers six layers of protection, with every layer filtering out harmful particles and diseases. A specially designed vent allows breathing without difficulty while maintaining complete protection.

Special Features:
Comfortable & easy to breath. Anti-pollution, Anti-Dust, Anti-Bacterial. Wide coverage to protect more area of face. Respirator allows for comfortable breathing for longer duration. 6 layer protection for maximized safety. Anti pollution, anti-dust, anti-bacterial protection. Reusable, lightweight, extra comfort and splash resistant. Universal uni-sex fit. Minimal eye wear fogging.

How To Use:
Wash hands properly before using. Wash after everyday use. Store in a dry place away from sunlight. Do not share mask. Change mask in case of breathing difficulties. Discard after 30 washes.

Out of stock

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Inner layer- Cotton, Outside Layer- Breathable Mesh


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Dimensions8 × 5 × 1 cm

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