The craft behind our shirts!

In the last 5 years, we have crafted 200 million shirts for some of the leading brands in the world. This experience of the team is leveraged to make shirts that you will love for their style, comfort and performance. And as they say it, god is in the details.


It all starts with the fabric.
Over the years we’ve become experts in fabrics, working directly with some of the world’s greatest fabric mills across Turkey, India and China. We’re also endlessly digging through the archives of Soktas, Luthai, Lianfa and others searching for the perfect styles.

 Increasingly, we’ve been designing our own custom fabrics, selecting the precise colors, patterns and construction to achieve the ideal look, comfort and performance. In all categories, we carry a wide range of fabric qualities from relatively basic constructions up to luxurious & finest 120s

The Fit

Most men we know can be described by body types – short, tall, skinny, athletic. Through experimentation, research & refining we’ve developed a set of beliefs about how a shirt should fit and how it should feel.

Fit is about feeling good when you button up your shirt in the morning. It isn’t just about being on trend, it’s about being yourself. If something doesn’t quite fit, your body, your values, your character – it throws everything off balance. We’ve done our shirt homework, so you don’t have to.


Our construction methods combine modern technology with excellent craftsmanship. We use computer-generated patterns and robotic fabric cutters that are fast and reliable, with assembly by experienced tailors who carefully hand-sew shirts with care to help achieve a perfect fit every time, guaranteed.

We follow a well-structured process to make a quality shirt. It really does take a lot to attain that precision & finesse. We follow an AQL audit at a level of 1.5 to ensure the garments are upto our standards.


Our collars come in a range of constructions, from crisp, fused business collars
to soft, casual, unfused collars. There is a gamut of interlinings that we study & incorporate the right one into our product. We use the finest of threads from reputed suppliers.


The cuffs in our formal shirts are fused with a German interlining, and stitched with SPI 14, to give you crisp cuffs that add an edge to the quality of your shirt.